EasyMatch QC

EasyMatch QC: Color quality control software.


Unprecedented flexibility to collect, display, and analyze color data from your spectrophotometer.

Color data and spectral data is displayed numerically in spreadsheet form or graphically as color plots, spectral plots and trend plots. The simplified EZ View screen only shows data for the standard and the last sample measured and, if desired, Pass/Fail. Color Render visually simulates the color on your computer screen.

EasyMatch QC uses job files to easily store and recall data. Jobs can be created for your individual customers or products and each job can include individual or multiple standards. An unlimited number of samples can be associated with each standard, so you are able to maintain a history of your process over time. User-configured screens can be stored as a template and later recalled for easy creation of new jobs.

EasyMatch QC is available with Electronic Record Keeping capability. This version of the software protects and maintains complete and accurate records, limits system access, performs authority checks, provides a computer-generated audit trail and includes electronic signature. It meets the software requirements for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. EasyMatch QC is available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish languages and is compliant with all current Microsoft operating systems.

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  • Color Scales (Absolute and Differences): CIELab, CIELCh, Hunter Lab, Rdab, RxRyRz, XYZ, Yxy

    Observers: 2° and 10°

    Iluminants: A, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F2, F7, F11, TL84, Ultralume 3000

    Difference Indices: dE (Hunter), dC (Hunter), dE* (CIE), dC* (CIE), dH* (CIE), dL CMC, dC CMC, dH CMC, dE CMC, dL (CIE94), dC (CIE94), dH (CIE94), dE (CIE94), dL (DIN99), dC (DIN99), dH (DIN99), dE (DIN99), dL (CIE2000), dC (CIE2000), dH (CIE2000), dE (CIE2000), dE FMCII, dL FMCII, dRG FMCII, dYB (FMCII), dE Rdab, dC Rdab, Metamerism Index, Gray Scale (ISO 105-A05.2), Gray Scale (ISO 105-A04), Average Strength, Weighted Strength

    Indices: YI E313, YI D1925, WI E313, WI CIE, WI GANZ, 457 Brightness, Y Brightness, Z%, APHA (10, 20 and 50mm) (d/8° only), ADMI (10, 20 and 50mm) (d/8° only), ASTM D1500 (d/8° only), Gardner D6166 (d/8° only), Gardner 20mm (d/8° only), Saybolt (d/8° only), Tint CIE, Tint E313, Tint GANZ, Dominant Wavelength, Citrus Scores (optional with ColorFlex 45/0), Tomato Scores (Optional with ColorFlex 45/0 and LabScan XE), Excitation Purity, Opacity, Haze (d/8° only) Absolute and difference from standard for each

    Spectral Plot: % Reflectance, % Transmittance (d/8° only), Absorbance, K/S

    Spectral Data: % Reflectance, % Transmittance (d/8° only), Absorbance, K/S, Δ% Reflectance,

    Δ% Transmittance (d/8° only)

    Automatic Tolerances: Automatic generation of L*a*b*, HunterLab and L*C*h* tolerances for standards. Based on CMC tolerancing principles

    Data Views: Color Data Table, Color Plot, Spectral Data Table, Spectral Plot, EZ View, Trend Plot, Color Render

    Color Plot Views: 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional for CIELab, CIELCh, HunterLab, Rdab and Yxy

    Data and Formula Fields: Special fields may be configured in the color data table into which external data may be entered or formulas may be calculated based on existing data

    Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portugese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

    Other Features: Job Tree, User Configurable Display, PASS/FAIL Indication, Word description of color difference, Averaging, 555 shade numbering, Automatic standard search Timed read mode, Hitch Standardization, ASCII Export, E-Mail Job, Sensor diagnostics, Access or SQL database compatible

    Secure Version (21 CFR Part 11 Compliant, Optional): Definable Access Privileges, Electronic Signature, Audit Log

Instrument Compatibility

Use EasyMatch QC with: UltraScan PRO, UltraScan VIS, UltraScan XE, LabScan XE, ColorQuest XE, ColorQuest XT, ColorQuest 45/0 LAV, ColorFlex EZ, MiniScan XE Plus, MiniScan EZ