Vibratory Feeder - with U-shaped channel



  • For uniform feeding of free-flowing materials of laboratory instruments
  • Maintenance-free components
  • simple regulation of sample flow with separate control unit
  • Suitable for coarse and fine materials




Reliable automatic feeding

The Vibratory Feeder LABORETTE 24 is ideal for automatic, uniform feeding of free-flowing materials into sample dividers, mills or mixers in your laboratory. The vibration, which is controlled by a microprocessor, conveys the sample material out of the funnel over the U-shaped stainless steel channel into the respective equipment. The flow rate can be individually adjusted; the vibration amplitude is precisely controlled – for absolute uniform feed of even smallest quantities. Safe and reliable.
The Vibratory Feeder LABORETTE with an U-shaped feeder channel made of stainless steel is ideal for uniform, wide material feed between 5 g/min and 2,500 g/min.


Complete length of the channel330 mm
Channel overlap215 mm
Suitable foreven, wide material feed of free-flowing materials
Max. feed quantity2,500 g/min
Min. feed quantity5 g/min
Change of the channelV-shaped channel and U-shaped channel can be easily exchanged
Electrical details200-240 V/1~, 50-60 Hz, 20 Watt
Instrument also available in the following voltage100-120 V/1~, 50-60 Hz, 20 watt – order no. 24.0010.00
Emission sound pressure level at the workplace according to DIN EN ISO 3746 (depending on the material to be feed and conveyor speed)approx. LpAd = 34 dB
Weight12 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)bench top instrument 44 x 14 x 34 cm

Through vibration of a channel of stainless steel, free-flowing material is conveyed out of a funnel and to the open end of the channel in a uniform stream. The rate of flow can be controlled individually with a separate control device by modifying the vibration amplitude of the channel. Control of the vibration amplitude is performed by a microprocessor-controlled control unit with which even the smallest quantities of material can be conveyed with absolute uniformity.

  • As a standard, with polished stainless steel channel and funnel, PTFE-coating on request
  • Precisely controlled by microprocessor control with interface
  • Extensive choice of flow rates for smallest and largest quantities
  • Simple to clean due to easily removable components
  • Small footprint
  • Separate control unit for simple regulation of sample flow
  • Material bed height is variable, can be regulated by adjusting the funnel height according to the material
  • V-shaped and U-shaped channels easy to interchange
  • Maintenance-free electromagnetic drive and components
  • Recyclable, compact cast housing
  • Low energy consumption, only 0.1 kW drive power
  • The FRITSCH Vibratory Feeder with U-shaped channel is delivered with funnel and control unit.
    Order your LABORETTE 24 with our practical stable, sturdy stand in which it is fitted slip- resistant – infinitely height-adjustable and rotatable and easily adaptable to any working situation.


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