Knife Mill



  • Extremely fast comminution, homogenisation and mixing
  • Up to 1,400 ml useful capacity
  • 20 SOPs can be saved
  • Variable speed settings with turbo function
  • Fast cryogenic comminution
  • Simple cleaning









Reproducible comminution for a wide range of samples

The quietly operating Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 is the ideal laboratory mixer in industry quality for very fast and gentle comminution and homogenisation of moist, oily and fatty as well as of dry, soft, medium-hard and fibrous samples within seconds. The up to 1250 watt strong motor of the PULVERISETTE 11 and its special knife, fitted with four blades, grinds fast and gentle problematic samples with high fat or water content such as meat, gummi bears, chocolate or also hard samples such as dishwasher tabs or toys. This makes it a perfect all-rounder with many advantages for sample preparation in the fields of foodstuffs or animal feed testing, pharmaceuticals and chemistry and many other applications.


Working principlecutting
Optimal for material typemoist, oily, fatty, dry, soft, medium-hard and fibrous
Cutting toolsstandard knife with 4 blades and knife with serrated blades
Materials of the autoclavable cutting toolsknife: stainless steel, titanium
grinding vessel: plastic PC, glass, stainless steel 316L
lid: silicone, plastic PP, stainless steel 316L
Max. feed size (depends on material)40 mm
Feed quantity (depends on material)< 1,400 ml
540 ml with the Vario-Lid system
Final fineness (depends on material)< 300 µm
Average grinding time30 sec
Variable speed settings2,000 – 10,000 rpm, turbo-function with 14,000 rpm for max. 6 sec.
Max. knife peripheral speed~ 67 m/s
Max. knife diameter128 mm
Operation modescontinuous, reverse and interval mode
USB interface for SOP Management20 SOP’s can be saved, generation of grinding reports
Motor power1250 Watt
Electrical details200 – 240 V/1~, 50/60 Hz, 1250 Watt
Instrument also available in the following voltage100 – 120 V/1~, 50/60 Hz, 1000 Watt
order no. 11.3010.00
Emission sound pressure level at the workplace according to DIN EN ISO 3746 (depending on the material to be ground, selected rotational speed and instrument configuration)LpAd = 71 dB
Weight17.6 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)bench top instrument 32 x 43 x 48 cm

Fast cutting processes – perfect mixing – representative samples

The specially curved knife blades of the PULVERISETTE 11 achieve with up to 56,000 cutting processes per minute, significantly faster a homogeneous sample than comparable instruments at the same grinding time and rotational speed. And in the reverse mode, the PULVERISETTE 11 enables a better thorough mixing if necessary.
Interfering contours on the inner wall of the grinding vessel force the sample material towards the middle of the vessel and thus ensuring an efficient thorough mixing during grinding. The result: a homogeneous sample within a narrow particle size range.
Each subsample which you take from any location in the grinding vessel is representative for the original sample and thus ensures an exact, significant analysis. And that for a wide range of different materials.

  • Extra strong motor power up to 1250 watt
  • Variable speed settings 2,000 – 10,000 rpm, turbo-Function with 14,000 rpm
  • Knife blades with 4 cutting edges – up to 56,000 cutting processes per minute
  • Sample quantity (depends on the material)  < 1,400 ml with the Vario-Lid system < 540 ml
  • Max. feed size 40 mm, final fineness < 300 µm, average grinding time 30 seconds (depends on material)
  • 20 SOPs can be saved, USB interface for SOP management and generation of grinding reports
  • Continuous, reverse and interval mode
  • Easy cleaning
  • All parts in contact with sample material such as grinding vessel, lid and knife are autoclavable for sterile comminution



Safe utilisation due to professional quality

The PULVERISETTE 11 does not start until the grinding vessel and knife are inserted and the safety lock in the protective hood has been closed properly. The protective hood cannot be opened whilst the knife is rotating. The control system detects the vessel and prevents the setting of a too high rotational speed. The knife is securely mounted by a bayonet lock and cannot come loose even if the sample material is very hard or the start-up speed is too high. And if the motor temperature is too high, power is reduced automatically. The PULVERISETTE 11 was developed specifically for utilisation under laboratory conditions and exceeds by far the performance of conventional instruments for household requirements. A safe investment in efficient working, reproducible results for reliable analyses and highest safety at the workplace.

Intuitive and easy operation with practical functions

Due to its modern touchscreen with colour display, the PULVERISETTE 11 enables fast access to all functions and the SOPs. The grinding time of the integrated stopwatch can be set in 0.5 second steps using a practical multifunctional dial. By the push of a button you simply change from continuous operation to interval operation for pre-crushing of harder samples resp. for better homogenisation or to the reverse mode for better mixing of the sample without having to open the mill. The parameters for interval mode can be set freely in the sub-menu.

Easy Cleaning

Grinding vessel, lid and knife of the PULVERISETTE 11 can be cleaned without a problem in a dishwasher. The knife, which is securely mounted by a bayonet lock, can be removed for cleaning with just a simple motion. All parts in contact with sample material are autoclavable for sterile comminution.


Clear operation advantage: Save up to 20 Standard Operating Procedures

A clear advantage of the PULVERISETTE 11 over comparable instruments is the possibility to program and save up to 20 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and to label them with a clear text. Instead of SOP 1, 2 or 3, every user directly finds the saved program on the touchscreen for example for hazelnuts, bananas or meat. Up to 15 grinding sequences can be programmed in each individual SOP. The setting up of the SOPs is done very easily via the touchscreen and the multifunctional dial of the control panel. Via the integrated USB interface, all saved SOPs can be uploaded, exchanged and saved with the free SOP editor by laptop. And upon consultation, we deliver the SOPs, which were determined for certain sample materials during an individual sample grinding.



The Software P-11Control for automatic control of the mill

With the software P-11Control, the mill can be controlled via the integrated USB port. SOPs can be edited, saved and managed directly on the connected laptop via drag & drop. Reversion-proof grinding reports can be created, archived quickly and easily with the integrated report generator. The software P11Control offers a data interface for the connection to your laboratory database.


Fast cryogenic comminution in a single step

Samples which are difficult to grind such as gummi bears, chocolate or plastic toys can be embrittled with liquid nitrogen for comminution directly in the grinding vessel made of stainless steel 316L. The sample material remains 100 % cold. Just select the special lid with the easily exchangeable single-use sieve insert – the reliable protection against contamination.


The freely adjustable Vario-Lid system can be used to reduce the grinding chamber volume down to 0.54 litres and manually compress and loosen up the sample material at the beginning and at any time during comminution. Thus you always achieve a homogeneous sample in a narrow particle size range even for smaller sample quantities and for difficult-to-grind materials.


The motor speed can be set digitally – in increments of a hundred between 2,000 and 10,000 rpm – making it possible to adapt the mill to the specific comminution behaviour of each sample. The additional turbo function with 14,000 rpm for up to 6 seconds maximum facilitates the grinding of sticky and fibrous samples.


As a standard, you receive the PULVERISETTE 11 Knife Mill equipped with a 1.4 l grinding vessel made of transparent, scratch-resistant, autoclavable plastic PC, with a standard lid and the standard knife made of stainless steel.

Also offered are additional grinding vessels with lid and knives. Configure your Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 according to your special applications.


Our suggestion: Since the grinding times of the PULVERISETTE 11 are so short so that your samples can be processed very fast, it is worthwhile to order several grinding vessels right away for parallel use.

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