UltraScan VIS


UltraScan VIS Spectrophotometer
The UltraScan VIS color measurement spectrophotometer measures opaque, transparent, and translucent solids and liquids in the complete CIE recommended spectral range of 360 – 780 nm. It can be used in production and in the laboratory for inspecting raw materials, evaluating finished product or developing methods for color analysis.
Excellent precision on opaque, transparent, translucent, and even dark and highly saturated samples.

The UltraScan VIS easily measures both reflected and transmitted color as well as transmission haze and meets CIE, ASTM and USP guidelines for accurate color measurement. UltraScan VIS uses diffuse/8° geometry with automated specular component inclusion/exclusion. For transmission measurement, the use of a robust CIE-conforming sphere instrument (TTRAN Total Transmission mode) effectively negates the effects of minor scattering typically found in transparent samples.

Because of its exceptional inter-instrument agreement and long-term stability, you can be confident that differences between measurements are due to product color changes, not instrument variability. Materials on the borderline of accepted tolerances will not be unnecessarily rejected.

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Product Specifications


Measurement Principle: Dual-beam spectrophotometer

Geometry: Diffuse d/8° reflectance, d/8° total transmission, d/0° regular transmission

Spectrophotometer: Two 256 element diode arrays with a high resolution, concave holographic grating

Sphere Diameter: 152 mm (6 in.)

Sphere Coating: Spectraflect™ for sphere, Duraflect™ for port plate and specular exclusion door

Port Size/Measured Area:

  • Port Diameter/View Diameter in RSIN/RSEX reflectance modes
    • Large Area View (LAV): 25 mm (1 in) illuminated/19 mm (0.75 in) measured
    • Small Area View (SAV): 9.5 mm (0.375 in) illuminated/6 mm (0.25 in) measured
  • Port Diameter/View Diameter in TTRAN transmittance modes
    • Large Area View (LAV): 25 mm (1 in) illuminated/17.4 mm (0.69 in) measured
    • Small Area View (SAV): 25 mm (1 in) illuminated/10 mm (0.40 in) measured
  • Port Diameter/View Diameter in RTRAN transmittance mode where lens is field stop for all areas of view
    • Large Area View (LAV): 17 mm (0.67 in) illuminated/17 mm (0.67 in) measured
    • Small Area View (SAV): 17 mm (0.67 in) illuminated/17 mm (0.67 in) measured

Lens Switching for LAV/SAV: Automatic

Specular Component: Automated Included (RSIN) or Excluded (RSEX) in reflectance

Spectral Range: 360 nm – 780 nm full CIE visible range

Wavelength Resolution: < 2 nm

Effective Bandwidth: 10 nm equivalent triangular

Reporting Interval: 10 nm

Photometric Range: 0 to 150 %

Photometric Resolution: 0.003 % (0.01 % reported)

Light Source: Pulsed Xenon lamp, filtered to approximate D65 daylight

Automatic UV Control:

  • 400 nm cutoff filter for UV control and UV exclusion
  • Optional 420 nm cutoff filter for UV exclusion

Flashes per Measurement: 1 in LAV mode (4 in. SAV mode)

Measurement Time: < 5 seconds

Transmission Modes: Total (TTRAN) and Regular (RTRAN)

Transmission Compartment: Large and open on 3 sides, 10.2 cm D X 35.6 cm W x 16.5 cm H (4 in. D x 14 in. W x 6.5 in. H)

Standards Conformance

  • Reflectance: CIE 15:2004, ISO 7724/1, ASTM E1164, DIN 5033, Teil 7 and JIS Z 8722 Condition C
  • Transmittance: CIE 15:2004, ASTM E1164, DIN 5033 Teil 7 and JIS Z 8722 Condition E, G Haze conformance per ASTM D1003 Section 8. Procedure B Spectrophotometer

Standards Traceability: Instrument standard assignment in accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) following practices described in CIE Publication 44 and ASTM E259


Colorimetric Repeatability (20 readings range):

  • < 0.03 ∆E* CIE L*a*b* on white tile in LAV and SAV modes
  • < 0.05 ∆E* CIE L*a*b* on blue denim tile in LAV and SAV modes

Spectral Repeatability: Max 0.20 peak-to-peak between 435 nm and 695 nm

Inter-instrument Agreement: ∆E*

  • < 0.15 CIE L*a*b* (Avg) on BCRA II Tile Set ∆E*
  • < 0.25 CIE L*a*b* (Max) on BCRA II Tile Set


  • Height: 27.9 cm (11 in.)
  • Width: 42.0 cm (16.5 in.)
  • Depth: 49.8 cm (19.6 in.)
  • Weight: 20.4 kg (45 lbs)


  • 100 to 240 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz
  • 60 watts passive, 120 watts maximum

Interface: RS-232C serial, 19,200 baud, DB9 (female) terminal

Operating Environment: 10° to 40°C (50° to 104° F), 10 % to 90 % RH, noncondensing

Storage Environment: -21° to 66°C (-5° to 150° F), 10 % to 90 % RH, noncondensing

Standard Accessories:

  • Calibrated instrument white tile
  • Certificate of traceability
  • Black calibration light trap
  • Transmittance zero calibration plate
  • Green diagnostic tile
  • Wavelength diagnostic filter
  • Reflectance sample clamp
  • LAV and SAV apertures
  • RS-232C cable
  • USB-to-Serial adapter
  • Power cord
  • EasyMatch QC Software
  • EasyMatch QC Basic manual

Measures reflectance, transmittance and haze

Wavelength range 360 nm – 780 nm

10 nm optical resolution and reporting interval

Two reflectance measurement areas

Exceptional inter-instrument agreement

Automated UV calibration and control

Large transmission compartment open on three sides

Includes EasyMatch QC software




Bio Pharma



Adjustable Reflectance Preform Holder


Measures preforms with shaft diameter from 15 mm to 40 mm. The length of the straight shaft above the preform threads should be at least 50mm in order to completely cover the port.


Adjustable Transmission Preform Holder


Measures preforms with shaft diameter from 10mm to 40mm. The length of the straight shaft above the preform threads should be at least 50mm in order to completely cover the port.


Compression Clamp


Used for compressing fibers into a compact mass to permit repeatable color analysis. Available and sold separately are:

  • D02-1012-386 Port Plate Sample Cup Holder
  • A02-1011-124 Port Plate with Glass
  • 04-7209-00 Glass Sample Cup


Reflectance Sample Shelf with Light Cover


For the reflectance measurement of powders, granules and semi-solids held in a rectangular cell (below). Cells purchased separately.

Cells (Rectangular)

Optically clear glass cell with depth of 10mm, 20mm or 50mm; 55mm width x 57mm height. (Listed on front page)


Semi-Micro Powder Holder


Permits the reflected color measurement of as little as 0.4cc of packed powder. Powder is placed in the powder holder and is backed with the white plunger.


Flow Through Cell & Holder

C04-1001-958 (10MM)

C04-1001-959 (20MM)

C04-1001-960 (50MM)

A 51 mm (2 inch) diameter optically clear flow through glass cell with a path length of 10 mm, 20 mm or 50 mm.

Cell holder that is mounted in the transmission compartment for supporting a flow cell. Cell purchased separately.


Transmission Cell (Rectangular)

13-8573-40 (10 MM)

04-4592-00 (20 MM)

13-8573-20 (50 MM)

Provides consistent placement of 10 mm, 20 mm, 33 mm or 50 mm path length transmission cells – purchased separately.


Transmission Spill Tray & Cell Holder


Permits transmittance measurement of liquids using rectangular transmission cell (below). Cells purchased separately.


Cell Holder Base Assembly


This Cell Holder Base Assembly with one or more clip-on holders (ordered separately) centers macro, semi-micro and ultra-micro, as well as other precision analytical cell holders in the transmission compartment of HunterLab sphere instruments.  This assembly ensures repeatable transmission color measurements of very small volumes of clear liquids.  Select one or more of the available precision cell holders by matching cell holder specifications with the desired glass or plastic analytical cells.  Analytical cells are purchased separately by the customer.


Transmission Clamp


Holds transparent film, glass or plastic in position for total or regular transmission measurement.


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